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Age of 2010

  • Selected by one creative participant company
    Self-installing agricultural automation system capable of remote monitoring and control based on low power long distance wireless communication technology (LPWA)
  • Selected as the 2nd prize for the technology development project
    Development of publishing tool for corporate web site supporting WebRTC
  • EBay Korea Auction Co., Ltd concluded contract for maintenance of Gmarket Mobile
  • Signed maintenance contract for truck in SK
  • Signed a design development contract with Yunobus Korea
  • Signed contract to develop integrated security management (ESM) dash board for Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine
  • Development of medical refrigerator control board and related software solution
  • Signed contract with Career Care Business People Co., Ltd. (PC Web)
  • Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. Mobile Block Location Information Input System Development Project (Hybrid App)
  • Signed contract to develop Career Care Business People (PI Service) (PC Web)
  • Signed contract for development of Weaver YANA service
  • SaaS contract for mobile app and location control for K-City's 3PL delivery
  • Water and Wastewater Management System Maintenance Contract
  • Maintenance contract for mKoffice, Korea Aerospace Industries Co., Ltd. (Android, MEAP)
  • Contracted development of PM3 iOS SDK and sample app for Point Mobile Co., Ltd. (iOS)
  • Contracted development of integrated security control (ESM) for DSME (Hybrid App)
  • Sungwoo Hitech Co., Ltd. Contracted development of mobile system for RFID mold management (Hybrid App)
  • Contracted development of mobile block location information input system for Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Co., Ltd. (Hybrid App)
  • Contracted development of mobile quality management system for DSME (Hybrid App)
  • Contracted eBay Korea Auction, Gmarket, G9 mobile app development (Android, iOS)
  • Contract for renewal of PDA app for management of piggy bank in Daejeon Chungnam, Korea (Windows Mobile)
  • Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. Dealership Mobile System Renewal Construction Contract (Mobile Web)
  • Korea Aerospace Industries Co., Ltd. Push service construction project execution contract (Android, MEAP)
  • Osstem Implant Co., Ltd. Improving mobile EMR solution for dental care (iOS)
  • Contracted with Rinnai Korea Co., Ltd. to develop mobile system for C/S business (Android)
  • Coin Pound Co., Ltd. Bitcoin Trading website development project execution contract (PC Web)
  • M & Service Co., Ltd. T-MAP public transportation application upgrade contract (iOS)
  • Hybrid application development contract for sales employees of Haitai Beverage Co., Ltd. (Mobile Web)
  • Developed Hybrid App for Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. (Mobile Web)
  • Developed HomeChat application project for LG Electronics (Android, iPhone)
  • mobile partner build mobile app development (iOS)
  • Developed mobile office building project for Korean aerospace industry (Android, MEAP)
  • SBS Next-Generation Group Integrated Information System Development Mobile App Development (iOS)
  • CJ Olive Young established mSFA project for the first time (Android, iPhone)
  • Osstem Implant Co., Ltd. Developed Mobile EMR Solution for Dental Clinic (iOS)
  • Hyundai Elevator Co., Ltd. A/S articles and mobile app development project for electronic inspection (Android)
  • Developed mobile app function for daily management of dairy industry (Android)
  • Developed mobile app development project for Pan-Bang Pan-tos (Android)
  • Samsung Display Reliability Practical Mobile App Development Project (Android)
  • Developed GKL mobile office add-on project (Mobile web)
  • Nate Horoscopes Mobile Web Development Project (Mobile Web)
  • UH Home Co., Ltd. Mobile office server change project execution (Android, JSP)
  • Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Smart Work Construction Project Cooperative Development (Mobile Web)
  • CJ CheilJedang Co., Ltd. CJONE Mobile app development for salespeople (Android, iPhone)
  • Korea Electronics Finance Co., Ltd. Development of mobile app for cash transportation business (Android)
  • Development of ICS version of KT Telecop Home Security Service app (Android)
  • Megabox Online Platform Project Collaboration (Web Publishing)
  • Brother International Korea Co., Ltd. Development of mobile app for warehouse management (Android)
  • NH NACF Cooperative development of mobile app for customer service (Android)
  • EBay Korea Mobile app development and maintenance for customer service (Android, iPhone)
  • CJ Hello Vision Cooperative development of mobile app for new sales system (terminal: Android)
  • Developed application for home security service of KT Telecop Co., Ltd. (terminal: Android)
  • Development of RFID PDA shelf management program (Terminal: Windows CE)
  • Developed mobile work management program for Hyundai Elevator Co., Ltd. (terminal: Android)
  • KISAN Electronics Co., Ltd. Developed additional application for banknote machine (QT)
  • Developed CJ Systems' group mobile web app (terminal: Android, iPhone)
  • CJ Telenix Co., Ltd. Developed mobile application for VOC business (terminal: iPad)
  • Developed mobile application for RCM terminal of CONSPIN Co., Ltd. (terminal: Android)
  • Development of application for banknote machine of KISAN Electronics Co., Ltd. (Embedded QT)
  • Establishment of mobile office system (Terminal: Android)
  • Developed mobile app using Magic Service Service Co., Ltd. (terminal: Android)
  • Development of TMAP safety helper app for NewGT Co., Ltd.
  • Developed Blue Mobile mobile CRM program (terminal: iPad)
  • Samsung Card merchant web service system cooperation development (Android phone connection)
  • Developed mobile application for Shanni sales management (terminal: Android)
  • Taekwang SCT Co., Ltd. Mobile WMS application development (terminal: Windows CE)
  • LG CNS Co., Ltd. Developed E-mail solution for mobile office (terminal: Android)
  • Hanaro TNS 3PL Develop mobile application for transportation business (terminal: Android)
  • Developed PC Manager with Soil Development Insulin Pump (Bluetooth communication)
  • GS E & C's mobile office system and e-mail solution
  • Hanaro TNS 3PL mobile application development business (Windows Mobile)
  • Developed 4 kinds of component application app for Android phone
  • Contract with Soil Development Co., Ltd. for insulin pump-related smartphone technical support contract
  • Developed T-Pen Solution S/W for Blue Dime SK Telecom