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We have developed and supplied applications for smart device (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, WindowsPhone7, etc.) in various communication terminals.
Development environment
  • Tablet APP : Android / JAVA
  • PC Viewer : MFC
  • Control board : C
Program Major Features
  • Displaying the temperature
  • Displaying the graph
  • Alarm history
  • Save data of temperature
  • Settings & Options
Screen Shots


Program Major Features
  • ActiveSync support
  • Integration of Contacts and Category Database
  • Ability to assign photos to individuals or groups
  • Abbreviated numbering function
  • Phone number quick search function
  • E-mail link function
Screen Shots


Program Major Features
  • ActiveSync support
  • Appointments Database integration
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Schedule View
  • Calendar function
  • Reminders, Icon Assignments
  • HTML format support for content
Screen Shots

MP3 Player

Program Major Features
  • Play MP3, OGG files
  • Equalizer display function
  • Repeat playback, random playback function
  • Voice change function
  • Sorting function
  • Add files, add folders
Screen Shots

File Explorer

Program Major Features
  • Folder tree view function
  • Copy and paste functions
  • Delete, cut function
  • Folder, file search function
  • Ability to hide specific folders when requested by the client
Screen Shots

Soft Keyboard

Program Major Features
  • UI change of Child Window of MSIME
  • Custom design with desired size and design
  • English, Hangul input
  • CAP, Shift function
  • Hanja conversion key function
Screen Shots

Backup & Recovery

Program Major Features
  • Contact, schedule DB backup / recovery
  • Registry backup / recovery
  • Automatic backup function at designated time
  • Auto recovery function during Cold Booting
  • Stop function during backup / recovery
Screen Shots

Morning Call & Alram

Program Major Features
  • Set up multiple alarms
  • Alarm repeat setting function
  • Ringtone, image specification function
Screen Shots

Voice Recorder

Program Major Features
  • Using Wave Format
  • Sampling rate change function
  • Manage by recording file list
  • File Rename Function
  • Playback position shift function
Screen Shots


Program Major Features
  • Scientific calculator (multi-line / convolution and statistical calculation function)
  • Digital and analog clock (lunar calendar / 24 seasons / anniversary display function)
  • Subway map (mini web / zoom, zoom / memo / search function)
Screen Shots
Program Major Features
  • Music Player (Android) Add / Delete / Play / Set Function
  • Photo Viewer (Android) Add / Delete / Viewer / Setting function
  • E-Manual (Android) list / video playback function
Screen Shots
Development environment
  • Program Language : Qt
  • Server Environment : Windows XP, Linux
Program Major Features
  • Currency discrimination counter Application for banknotes counter
  • Maintenance Functions
  • Common Resource Module
Screen Shots